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Office Stationery: Textbooks, Note books, Hard covers, Exercise books, Scribblers, Soft covers, Pads, Loose paper sheets, Photocopying paper, Plan paper, Continuous Computer forms / paper, Pencils, Pens, Rulers, Staplers, Staples, Punches, Boards, Chalk, Stickers, Tapes-adhesive, Sharpeners, Markers-all forms, Bostick, Fax paper – all forms, Paper rolls-all forms, Accessible files, Accessory files, Box files, Files – all types, Envelopes – all types, Rubbers, Money bags, Plastics, security papers, Cheques, Payslips, Event tickets, Business forms, Printed matter, Toner cartridges, Ink cartridges, Ribbons, Glue – all forms, Binding elements, Laminating elements.

Furniture: Desks, Tables, Chairs- all types, Cabinets – all types, Shelves, Trays, Displays, Credenza, Stools, Filing systems, Drawers, Computer stands, Coat hangers, Counters, Sofas, Beds, Mattresses, Stretchers, Kitchen cabinets, Shelves.

Office equipment: Fax machines, Copiers / Photocopiers, Computer hardware, Computer software, Calculators, Shredders, Scanners, Kettles, Flasks, Computer stands, Computer screens, Projectors, Printers, Electronic organizers, Till machines, Cash registers, Binding / Laminating machines.

Packaging materials – Fomopacks, vitafilms, plastic bags, refuse bags, carrier bags – all types, shrinkwrap and pallet wraps, Tapes-adhesive, Binding tapes, Binding cloth, Strapping chord, strapping clips.

Dealership : Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Epson, Dysan, Verbatim, Seiko, Seikosha,

Manhattan, Sharp, Citizen, Casio, Mondi – Rotatrim, Sappi – Typek, Bantex, Rexel, Staedtler, Pentel, Pilot, Parker, Penflex, Treeline, Tower, Kw-Trio, Artline, Parrot Boards, Bostick, Pritt, Sicad – Eurocell etc., to name a few.


Product Return Policy

As Northern Fixtures and Fittings, we are not satisfied until our customer is.

We give our customers an opportunity to return any products that they are not satisfied with based on the conditions of those products.

The customer is at liberty to contact any of our team members who will gladly assist them to get the necessary assistance and satisfaction they require.

Upon notice of any unsatisfactory conditions in any of our goods, customers are expected to communicate with us within the shortest time possible so that action to redress can be taken within the shortest time possible so as to keep our customer happy.


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